I guess a good place to start a blog is where I introduce myself and tell you exactly why it is I’m writing to you?  Last night I kinda jumped the gun didn’t I and went straight in and showed you a picture of some cake but ‘c’mon the cake was amazing!!’  The more you get to know me the more you’ll see that my first post actually encapsulates me perfectly.


So my name is Gem, I’m early 30s and I’m married to my soul mate (gush gush).  We live in the back of beyond in the North Of Scotland with our 2 beautiful kids and 4 gorgeous (if slightly annoying at times) fur-babies. I’m sure you’ll meet them in here at some point.

I’m a work from home mama and I divide my time between being a wife and mother and selling make up over t’internet.

At the moment I have a small team of fantastic ladies but my ambition is to become a leader, someone who inspires and helps people get everything they deserve in life.

One of the most common comments made to me about working from home is that ‘I don’t have time’ and those 4 words are what have encouraged me to start this blog.  Im going to show that you can work a Network Marketing business, and work it hard and still have time to do everything else in between.  I want to show you that you DO have time.

I’m really looking forward to sharing my journey with you.