Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

For years I struggled with anxiety and depression and it lead to me being ‘phone phobic’ That’s my name for it anyway, it likely has a real name but that’s what we will go with for now.

Anyway this phone phobia meant that I very rarely answered the phone, even if it was a family member calling I’d avoid answering.

Worse than that I kept my phone on silent just so that I’d not hear it ring, the sound of knowing someone wanted to speak to me made me physically ill. I’d get the sweats, have a feeling of lead going round in a washing machine in my stomach and I’d get light headed, even weepy.

It wasn’t just receiving calls either, I got the exact same feelings when it came to me having to make a call too!

Now I have no idea why this would happen but it was having a severe impact on my life and,through self development I discovered it was also affecting my chance at being successful.

Have you ever met a successful business woman who couldn’t use the phone? Nope, me neither!

I realised that by allowing this fear to have such power and hold over me I was stopping myself from growing!

They say that ‘nothing grows in your comfort zone’ and I was so entrenched in mine that I was jeopardising everything. All the work I was putting in to my business was being undermined by this fear.

Recently I’ve been reading a book called ‘The Big Leap’ by Gay Hendricks and he talks a lot about fear and excitement being physically almost identical. He said that when you fear something it slows your breathing right down or makes you hold onto your breath however with excitement it’s the opposite, you breathe much more heavily and quickly. I decided to test this concept out with my phobia. I forced myself to set up calls with people for my business and before EVERY.SINGLE.CALL I felt all the same FEAR FEELINGS but instead of holding my breath I took deep, deep, breathes, thought of things that made me genuinely excited and guess what? I managed all the calls and my goodness did I feel bloody good after each and every call!!

I am making a promise to myself to keep booking in calls, to keep speaking to people and to keep using this technique til I no longer have too! Fear won’t stop me. I no longer need to feel comfortable, being uncomfortable is my new favourite thing!


Today has been a Youtube kind of day …

Last week I set up my YouTube Channel to run in conjunction with my Network Marketing Business and today I have had a great time adding past videos, I still have a few to go but thought ‘what the hey, I’ll share my progress so far’

So here it is:



Now it wasn’t until I actually shared the picture that I noticed the cracking still of my face in that first video picture.  I contemplated going back in an taking another shot but you know what? I prefer unedited because with me, what you see is definitely what you get.

Who am I? Why am I here?

I guess a good place to start a blog is where I introduce myself and tell you exactly why it is I’m writing to you?  Last night I kinda jumped the gun didn’t I and went straight in and showed you a picture of some cake but ‘c’mon the cake was amazing!!’  The more you get to know me the more you’ll see that my first post actually encapsulates me perfectly.


So my name is Gem, I’m early 30s and I’m married to my soul mate (gush gush).  We live in the back of beyond in the North Of Scotland with our 2 beautiful kids and 4 gorgeous (if slightly annoying at times) fur-babies. I’m sure you’ll meet them in here at some point.

I’m a work from home mama and I divide my time between being a wife and mother and selling make up over t’internet.

At the moment I have a small team of fantastic ladies but my ambition is to become a leader, someone who inspires and helps people get everything they deserve in life.

One of the most common comments made to me about working from home is that ‘I don’t have time’ and those 4 words are what have encouraged me to start this blog.  Im going to show that you can work a Network Marketing business, and work it hard and still have time to do everything else in between.  I want to show you that you DO have time.

I’m really looking forward to sharing my journey with you.



Where is the desktop?


It all depends on the day of the week if I’m honest as my workplace can be anywhere I like.  I don’t keep 9-5 hours and I work wherever the day takes me mainly.  I do have a desk at home, in the living room at the moment.  That’s actually where this post is being written from but this morning it was in my local Starbucks.  This is the life of a Network Marketer.  That’s not all I am of course, but work wise that is me.